Quality of life
wherever you look.

The high quality of life here owes to the delightful charm of the city idyllically situated on the Rhine River not to mention the many other benefits that make life here so enjoyable and worthwhile - you’ll notice them everywhere you look. From little things like free parking or Wi-Fi access in the downtown to the big things like free day-care and all-day schools not to mention a wealth of cultural and recreational activities. Monheim am Rhein offers a high quality of life combined with outstanding family friendliness. 

Monheim am Rhein: The Kid’s Capital

This title is even protected by trademark. So what exactly does it mean? Since 2010, our political and administrative bodies have worked hard to make Monheim am Rhein into one of Germany’s most child and family-friendly cities. They defined the following common goal: To give all children and adolescents living in Monheim am Rhein access to the best possible support, education, a healthy environment for growing up as well as a promising future – an approach that sets precedents.

Our multiple award-winning prevention network “Mo.Ki – Monheim für Kinder“, which supports parents and children from the birth of their child right up to their vocational training is at the heart of these efforts. Through active management and conception, Mo.Ki aims to provide children and adolescents with promising opportunities for their development and education so they are well prepared for life. This includes e.g. a broad range of possibilities for promoting language skills, health as well as giving all primary school pupils the chance to learn a musical instrument for free.

For more information on Mo.Ki, please visit monheim.de/kinder-jugend

Top marks in the subject of parent friendliness!
Kostenlose KiTas und Ganztagsschulen.

"Monheim am Rhein - the kid's capital" is not only child-friendly, it’s also very parent-friendly as well: Since 2014, the city has made free day-care and full-day school completely free for children up to the age of ten. This move, which is unparalleled in North Rhine-Westphalia, has made Monheim am Rhein an even more attractive place to live for families.

The wide range of supervised activities at a total of 16 day-care facilities for children and the modern equipment, furnishings and facilities of our schools also earn top marks. You’ll find an overview here.

What we can’t offer you? Boredom.

Getting together, chatting, playing, crafts, building, excursions, events, projects - there’s always a lot going on in Monheim am Rhein. Our walk-in child and youth recreational facilities as well as the course programmes available at our cultural facilities offer a wide range of creative activities. Children and adolescents can also choose from a variety of activities at our numerous clubs – especially when it comes to athletics. The all-weather bath “mona mare” with its indoor and outdoor area is perfect for the whole family.


For a list of activities and facilities with their addresses, please visit: monheim.de/kinder-jugend

Youth parliament

In Monheim, adolescents also have the chance to get involved politically and socially. For more information, please visit monheim.de/kinder-jugend


From a water fun park to the football grounds, the city’s nearly 60 playgrounds ensure children and adolescents find everything they’re looking for.

You can find all our playgrounds here.

Culture excels in Monheim am Rhein.

When it comes to culture, we offer the full spectrum here: From children’s theatre to senior’s dance, comedy, cabaret and concert events up to and including top-notch cinema - indoors or as an open-air event by moonlight. Every talent will find the perfect venue in our city not to mention fascinated audiences. Both big and small cultural enthusiasts can choose from an impressive selection of events.

More at: monheimer-kulturwerke.de.

Art School
Music and Art School

Discover your creative side and let your imagination run wild – in whatever artistic area suits your fancy. The city’s art school offers a broad spectrum of courses – from sewing and design with a diverse range of materials to the areas of media design and film-making. Follow the link to view our art school’s current programme.

Music school
New Music school

Our music school offers instruction for instruments, singing and dance. There are also events, concerts and partnership programmes with day-care centres as well as schools for general education.


The Ulla-Hahn-Haus is dedicated to language instruction as well as the promotion of reading among children, adolescents and young adults. All projects focus on the joy of language and reading.

Haus Bürgel
Haus Bürgel

Romans, nature and horses are what await visitors to the former Roman fort Haus Bürgel. The unique atmosphere of this location is shaped by its nearly 2000-year history and its status as one of the last natural alluvial landscapes - the Urdenbacher Kämpe protected area. Today, Haus Bürgel is also home to a stable with coldblood breeding.


History comes to life in Monheim and Baumberg. The city looks back on centuries of history that can still be felt and experienced in many places. The MonChronik does its part by connecting and showcasing historical locations. Goose Lizzy and her geese from the municipal coat of arms help to do just that: monchronik.de

Adult education centre

As an adult centre for further education of the city of Monheim am Rhein, the public education centre offers a comprehensive catalogue of educational and cultural courses for life-long learning. Visit the link below for the current course catalogue: vhs.monheim.de


Every year, residents borrow 45,000 media resources nearly 110,000 times from our 1,000 sq. m library. In addition to the classic medium of books, visitors can also explore our wide variety of digital resources.

Plenty of possibilities for your leisure time.

Anyone who loves a change of scenery and getting out is in the right place in Monheim am Rhein. The city has so much to offer that boredom doesn’t stand a chance here. The fascinating location and landscape along the Rhine River are perfect for excursions. Situated between Cologne and Düsseldorf, the city offers a wealth of recreational activities – not just for nature enthusiasts. Get a first impression on monheim-entdecken.de.

Mona Mare leisure pool
Mona Mare

The all-weather pool with an indoor and outdoor area offers guests six different pools complete with attractions and animations like the giant 65-metre long slide. Visitors can relax on the sunbathing lawn complete with a large playground area, a deck with a children’s aquatic park as well as a conservatory offering seating and recliners. A sauna area with pergola as well as a variety of different massage treatments add the finishing touch to the wellness experience.

Historic centre
Historic centre

The picturesque downtown with its more than 850 years of history as well as its vibrant selection of cafés, bars and restaurants are an excellent place to spend a restorative stay, but also make the perfect starting or ending point for excursions to the Rhine meander area. For over 600 years, Monheim’s landmark the Schelmenturm has stood on the Grabenstraße, which once marked Monheim’s city limit.

Follow the link to get further information on Monheim's historic centre.

Rhine meander area park

The skate park with its half-pipe in the Rhine meander area park is a special attraction for children, young people and recreational sports. Here, sports enthusiasts can enjoy themselves with their skateboards or rollerblades. The adventure playground right next door offers plenty of opportunities for play, crafts and building just for kids as well as tourist information at Giebner go-cart rental service.

Follow the link to get further information on the Rhine meander area park.

neanderland STEIG

Hiking enthusiast Manuel Andrack isn’t the only one who knows "The most beautiful kilometres of the neanderland Steig run through Monheim am Rhein”. On the nearly 235-kilometre long neanderland STEIG, hiking enthusiasts can explore and enjoy views of the spectacular landscape of the Rhine Ruhr region.

You can find more here at neanderlandsteig.de.

Rhine cycle route
Rhine cycle route

A particularly attractive stretch of the Rhine cycle route, which covers a total of 1,233 km, runs through North Rhine-Westphalia – and through Monheim am Rhein. Whoever enjoys hopping on their bike should be sure to visit the website rheinradweg.net.


The MonBerg is a beer garden, beach bar and year-round event location with a breath-taking view of the Rhine landscape to Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bergisches Land. The MonBerg is always worth a visit.

Information available under: monberg.de

Water-skiing and wakeboarding

Water skiing and wakeboarding for beginners and pros at the Berghausen water skiing park directly on the city limits of Baumberg. Thanks to its four lanes, international championships are also held here.

More at: wasserski-langenfeld.de


Whether horseback riding, football, tennis, sailing or even basketball – you’re sure to find the activity of your choice in one of Monheim’s many clubs. You’ll find an overview here.

Festivals and events
Festivals and events

Rhinelanders know how to party – the people of Monheim and Baumberg all the more - and not just during Carneval when the city is transformed with vibrantly decorated halls and festival tents. Apart from the fifth season, there is always something going on. The fire brigade or spring festivals, Easter fires, the large solstice celebration on the Bürgerwiese grounds not to mention the annual city festival that features a new motto every year will keep you busy.

More at: monheim.de/freizeit-und-tourismus/

Out for a quick trip and back in no time.

The Rhine metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf are just a 25-minute drive away and can also be reached with convenient, fast public transport connections. The A 59, A 542 and A 3 motorways offer outstanding connections. The Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn airports are just a 30-minute car drive away. Monheim am Rhein also offers outstanding connections with three rapid transit rails at the city’s limits as well as bus connections.

Offering the best connections.

Various public transport bus lines connect Monheim to neighbouring cities and also offer superior connections to regional passenger rail transport. The city of Monheim and its transport companies both belong to the public transport associations Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) and Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS).

You can find all connections at: bahnen-monheim.de

Quality of life also means plenty of ways to be active.

Thanks to its compact size and wealth of green space, Monheim am Rhein offers the very best prerequisites for a high level of local mobility.

As a result, pedestrians, cyclists, persons using inline skates and other traffic participants not using a motorised vehicle can choose from many different ways of getting around, which are being improved on a continual basis.


There are a lot of ways to fuel up.

Monheim am Rhein offers plenty of places to recharge your e-bike, most of which are right next to attractive local businesses.

In the city centre, on the Krischerstraße or in the Rheinpark; there are also recharging stations for passenger vehicles on the grounds of the city’s own energy utility, MEGA.