You're a customer -
not a number.

With its central, accessible location, the citizen’s service office located in the city hall fully accommodates the needs of Monheim's locals. Here, the full range of services is provided right at the individual consultation desks - with a minimal wait. As a result, more than ninety percent of visitors award the service, speed as well as the friendliness of the office team a rating of good or excellent.

Things don’t take long in Monheim.

Monheim am Rhein is not just a city of short distances - processing times at the city hall are also short. Whatever visits to government offices you have on your list, our city’s administrative team is in most cases able to help you quickly with its uncomplicated approach. What’s more, an increasing number of services can now be used online - from the comfort of your home or while on the go. In the near future, significantly more services will be available online. For more information, please visit:


the citizen office

phone: +49 (0)2173 951-312
fax: +49 (0)2173 951-319

town hall

A true sense of community.

The city of Monheim am Rhein sees itself as a “city for everyone” and takes a comprehensive approach to being inclusive. This clear commitment to build a city together that doesn't leave anyone out and is accepting to all is not just an empty claim in Monheim am Rhein. The people of Monheim’s administration, together with the help of many committed residents, are working towards making this goal a reality every day.