A city with a business-mindset.

What makes Monheim am Rhein the right place for you as an investor? Because in Monheim, we know what matters to you. Because here we have the courage to do things differently. Because we prefer taking an unconventional approach instead of spending all our time at the discussion table. And because we approach innovation with an open mind. That’s why Monheim am Rhein gives you more than just one good reason to do business here. Combined, these benefits make Monheim am Rhein an ideal location to invest in. 

Courage and innovation reign supreme in Monheim.

Since 2009, Mayor Daniel Zimmermann has overseen political developments in Monheim am Rhein; back then, he was the youngest mayor in North Rhine-Westphalia to take office. In 2014, he was re-elected with 95% confidence. Zimmermann is a member of the local Peto party (www.peto.de), which he founded together with other fellow a-level graduates in 1998 in order to represent the interests of adolescents. 

When city council ruled to adopt a policy of low trade tax rates in March of 2012, this strategy garnered the support of all council fractions. Further tax cuts implemented from 2014, 2016, 2017 on as well as in 2018 are based on clear council majorities indicating that the successful Monheim tax strategy will continue to be upheld following future municipal elections.

Tax policy well received.

Monheim am Rhein’s innovative taxation policy has attracted attention around Germany. After all, unlike most other municipalities, the city has significantly reduced the burden on private households and companies in recent years: Since 2010, the collection rate for trade tax has been reduced from 435 to 250 points - the lowest collection rate in all of North Rhine-Westphalia!

Freedom from debt means freedom to get more done.

The enormous increase in tax revenue has provided Monheim am Rhein with considerable surpluses, which were used, among other things, to repay existing liabilities leading the city to pay off its last of its loans in 2013 and become debt-free. 

Figures that speak for themselves.

Labour market

For years, Monheim am Rhein has developed into a highly dynamic, growing centre for business. Even before its innovative tax policy was introduced, a large number of companies relocated to the city between 2000 and 2010 creating approx. 1,000 additional jobs.

Following a slight decline in job figures in 2011, the vigour of the city’s labour market was once again restored. Monheim am Rhein has successfully attracted a large number of new companies and, thanks to the growth of existing companies, created another 3,200 jobs in Monheim am Rhein by mid-2017. The companies in Monheim am Rhein benefit from an ample supply of highly qualified professionals. To ensure that the employees of tomorrow and beyond continue to be well trained and educated, the city is already investing in (early) childhood education. The Academy for Business Management (AFUM), which was founded in 2011, gives Monheim companies the opportunity to have their employees complete further training on a part-time basis within their immediate vicinity.


Since the business development department was founded, Monheim am Rhein has seen positive growth in its retail sector. This is also confirmed by the centrality index, which has risen from 62.6 per cent (1999) to 88 per cent (2017). The city’s management has now set a goal of reaching a centrality index of over 90 per cent for the future.

The ongoing development of the city is particularly evident in Monheim’s downtown where consumers can find virtually everything they need right at their doorstep. The opening of the “Monheimer Tor” shopping centre, the arrival of Expert chain electronics store as well as the opening of a hardware and furnishings store both mark substantial improvements in the local supply of goods and services, which has paid off - at 100.1 per cent, the retail purchasing power in Monheim am Rhein is slightly higher than the national average (100 per cent).

Settlement and demographic structure

With almost 44,000 inhabitants, Monheim am Rhein is a medium-sized city. The urban area covers 2,305 hectares and comprises the two city districts, Monheim and Baumberg. Approximately 570 hectares of urban space are used as residential, commercial and industrial space. At the same time, Monheim am Rhein offers a large portion of free space with more than half of the urban area attributed to agriculture, forests, other green space and water bodies.


The relatively small urban area exhibits a population density of 1,902 inhabitants per square kilometre. This figure puts Monheim am Rhein in 15th place among all 396 communities in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city’s administration has initiated a wide range of projects to counteract the forecast general decline in population - and they're paying off. The number of inhabitants in Monheim am Rhein has remained constant since 2009. The relatively small urban area poses a unique challenge in this context. Further growth beyond the current settlement area is limited by natural barriers such as the Rhine as well as various protected areas. As a result, “new” residential and commercial space is continually being revamped and made available for use, among other things, through the recycling of space. As a result, 400 new dwelling units and nearly 50,000 square metres of attractive commercial space will be created in the years to come.


Current projects.

Monheim am Rhein's newfound status as a sought-after investment location is clearly indicated by the commercial projects planned for 2016 as well as measures to expand existing infrastructure including, for example, the construction of office buildings, the construction of a business hotel and the expansion of the fibre-optic network within the entire urban area.


Dr. Christoph Hahn
Commercial Establishement

town hall, room 261

phone: +49 (0)2173 951-613
fax: +49 (0)2173 951-25-613
mail: chahn@monheim.de
Thomas Zitzmann
Temporary Head of Department Economic Development and Tourism

town hall, room 261

phone: +49 (0)2173 951-625
fax: +49 (0)2173 951-25-625
mail: tzitzmann@monheim.de
Fibre-optic network

The area-wide installation of a fibre-optic network is already underway. In future, it will provide all private households and businesses with access to ultra high-performance Internet. The fibre-optic network has already been installed in the first zones within the urban area. Transfer rates from 200 mbits/s to the gbits/s range will ensure that everyone is well prepared for the future of the digital age. The city also continues to expand its free wireless network access with the goal of providing wireless Internet access within the entire Monheim urban area. Numerous wireless hotspots already exist within the city limits urban and, in the years to come, their number will be successively increased to 200 until there is complete wireless coverage of the entire urban area.

Rheinpark Carree Monheim II

The building represents the second construction stage of the Rheinpark Carree Monheim and has been completed by the end of 2016. The building offers a direct view of the Rhine River. Architecturally,it aligns with the first construction stage although retaining its own character by the unique design of the two upper levels. The bottom floors offer approx. 800 square metres of rental space each while the two offset upper levels are smaller. Approximately ten months were needed to complete the second construction stage of the Rheinpark Carree Monheim.

At a glance
Building coverage: approx. 960 m²
Total office space: approx. 3.200 m²
Office space per floor: approx. 800 m²
Building time: approx. 10 months
Special features: design of the upper two floors in periscope form

Monberg Office

The building called Monberg Office provides for office use with a rental area of approx. 4,200 square metres. The top two upper levels of the six storey building have each been offset by a few metres to provide for spacious outdoor terraces boasting a view of the Rhine River. The building has been completed by the end of 2016.


At a glance
Gross floor space: approx. 5,200 m²
Rental space: approx. 4,200 m²
Building time: approx. 10 months
Special features: spacious roof terraces with a view of the Rhine River

Hotel with a view of the Rhine

The building complex belonging to the hotel project consists of two parts – the actual hotel itself with approx. 180 rooms and a connecting office building. The entire complex has a total gross floor area of approx. 10,000 square metres, approx. 3,800 square metres of which are in the office building. A restaurant as well as a large fitness and health studio are being built in addition to use of the complex as a hotel. The other areas are available for rent as office space.


At a glance
Base area of the building: approx. 1,950 m²
Total hotel space: approx. 5,800 m²
Total office space: approx. 3,800 m²
Completion: spring 2018